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User comment: Very interesting idea with potential but hard to pull off. But I would like to see more

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User comment: Regardless of tomorrow never dies or tomorrow never comes, seeing the script tomorrow could be very promising for this potential series. Challenging.

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User comment: The writing is good but the idea feels overthought and the complicated narrative mechanism (the body sharing) is not motivated

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User comment: Very Strong concept. The writing of the paper does feel a bit janky but thats probably a Translation Problem. The only Question I would raise is the Format. I would suggest to turn that into a mini series of six episodes. If there are returning seasins I would suggest to Play out the concept of two seperate Spirits share the same Body and include a who is the original "Person" as the Story engine. Just be careful to not be to close to "Your Name" a japanese animated film you should check out if you havent since it Shares some similarities.

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