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User comment: Lots of potential if the concept stands up to scrutiny - ie if you can make money from gambling why not just make bigger bets? But with development I think could work well.

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User comment: Good Will Gambling gets a great vibes all over. Making Jack Mr Ocean or Mr Nash with a few tweaks to his (and others') characters can win it all over the audience. ww potential is a no brainer if scripted right to the end.

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User comment: The idea reminds "Breakind Bad" too much, but it is well developed and gives an idea of the show's pace

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User comment: A very unique idea but I doubt that it will Keep People at interested for ten episodes. Go for less epsiode and make it more face paced. Also the first Season arc is not very flushed out and the characters feel very generic - like stereotype which we have seen many time on screen in different variations. I would spent more time developing them further.

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User comment: BREAKING BAD with maths - excellent idea. Focus now on theme - what is it REALLY about (BB is about a sort of moral decline of America) and stories of the week. But the idea is good, very pitchable.

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