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User comment: Great. I would like to watch it. A lot depends on the charm of the hosts!

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User comment: Potential to make it big is there but the only trap is if you get with the resto of "cook, meet, repeat" format. If the "Unknows" follow patterns of "Secret ..." books - it just might hit a jackpot.

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User comment: The themes are too general (travel, friendship) and we are missing an specific tone or approach, at least it is not explained in the file.

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User comment: Not a very original idea and yet very expensive one. It's a bit lazy in development and explanation. Very hard to imagine there will be enough content for full 9 episodes, and since so little was offered in the document, imagining is all we could do. Much is left to the supposed charisma of the hosts and still there is nothing about them in the document. The name of the series could use revision since almost nothing from the examples is really unknown.

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User comment: I really struggle to Judge this. The Concept barely gives awaya lot of relevant Information. Ist really just a very Rough Sketch of an idea which is not flushed out comprehensive way.

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User comment: I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT UNSCRIPTED FORMATS! But this seemed a bit thin, like it needs other elements. Otherwise it feels like a camera on people on holiday. What is the competition angle, can you be voted off? Or will the three people (not celebrities I guess?) be so amazingly interesting that we just follow them?

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