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User comment: I'm sceptical about the appeal of a show about actors. It might well work but I wouldn't want to watch it.

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User comment: Mockumentary with wity one-liners, quirky and ( as read) funny "on the edge" script could give yet another (as per listed) - the office

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User comment: The file says it is a mockumentary but the plot doesn't show it, it is written as fiction. From the file it is difficult to understand the motivation and the characteristics of the mockumentary genre.

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User comment: Well structured and put together. Clear character development and journey. A bit self referential because of the media aspect. But Overall very solid. International market value comes from the Format not the Ready made.

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User comment: It's always quite challenging to sell TV about TV - stories about actors and so on. But even in this short pitch there is a charm here that is quite appealing. It's clear, the tone comes through, it's well done.

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