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User comment: Hard to understand, plot lacking and replaced by dialogue. I don't think lucid dreaming will work as a hook/concept.

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User comment: Post Covid time with pre covid troubles. Dark (get me out of here) drug nights seem to be well scripted so it might be all down to how fairy-tale characters are ... characterised and how (sur)real the series is to be. Potential ww if not lost with the masses of "too heavy" Lord Drugs films.

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User comment: The idea is not very original, and needs a lot of work

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User comment: This should either be a movie or a mini series. The idea feels generic and begs the Question why should the Viewer care for the protagonists as the dramatic Tension is such a sloburn that ist hard to stay interested.

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User comment: There is a good idea with a good punk attitude in here but the central semi-supernatural idea of going into the subconscious - his "superpower"? - is not really explained or developed, not in the first ep. There may well be demand for high concept Nolan-style shows like this but this doesn't get that into focus.

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