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User comment: Confusing. It might be an interesting area but this presentation doesn't inspire confidence in the creators ability to realise it.

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User comment: From mental health, Alzheimer’s to AI so all heavy duty weapons for a good si-fi are there now use it all in the mix and make it all unique might be a small extra challenge. Good idea.

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User comment: Exploring artificial intelligence has potential. The presentation of the story is quite confusiong, though.

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User comment: Interesting and contemporary premise - the structure and the charcters are clear but it feels a bit self referentail at times since the characters mainly revolve around themself. I would consider to making the first Season even short - like 3 eps to make sure there is enough pace in the story

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User comment: Potentially good idea - a sort of GROUNDHOG EVERY-OTHER-DAY but currently remains quite internal, needs more thinking to make it a real series engine.

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