Why are they unique?

We understand the importance of content is an essential component of the television industry, which is why we decided to carefully observe the market and organize theme panels which are up to date with current trends and predict the future. The panels cover various topics, mostly regarding regulations, new technologies, content that the industry is or is going to deal with, financial difficulties, various platforms, but also questions regarding the present and future of television and new media.

The main part of the panels is led by highly positioned experts, whose experience and visions substantially contribute to the discussions and reaching of conclusions. While picking out the speakers, we tend to choose topics that the guests of NEM are interested in, but they also have to be relevant for the market progress. The success of our goals is echoed in the media.

Every year we try to increase the number of key speakers, who are willing to share the secrets of their success in their presentations and answer any question from the public. The communication between the speakers and the public is extremely important, because it offers transparency and simplicity in bringing out new ideas.